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As soon as I saw Courtnie’s cufcakes, I knew they would be a hit. A friend and I hosted a Cufcake party and it was an absolute success. I think this is in large part to the customization of the product; there is truly a pattern for everyone. My sister-in-law is a University of Florida grad and proudly wears her Gators cufs to every football co-worker gushes about the pattern that was named after her...I am deciding which pattern will be the latest addition to my wardrobe. They are a feelgood product that inspires, which is a winning combination.  Knowing that our purchases support important causes is just icing on the cufcake! – KS, Westport
CufCakes was born out of the creativity and passion of my friend and company founder Courtnie Zuckerberg as a means to raise money for juvenile diabetes research and other issues impacting children. I think Courtnie’s commitment to the causes and the company are awe inspiring. She could easily have turned this into a profit making business but chose, instead, to turn her amazing idea into something to benefit children. Everyday Courtnie brings her boundless energy to further develop and grow the company all with one goal in mind—helping children. CufCakes aren’t just great fashion, they are a cause. I can’t wait to see CufCakes everywhere I go—I would expect no less of Courtnie! – LH, Westport

It has been incredibly exciting to watch a conscience seeking friend develop a creative concept that has evolved into a full fledged product - one that at the very core benefits children’s charities. Courtnie is an inspiration to us all! – LE, Westport

Courtnie is a really special person, truly an inspiration to all. Courtnie’s unique combination of creativity, courage and quiet confidence enables her to make her dreams a reality to the benefit of so many. Courtnie and I share a unique bond, as both of our sons have type-1 diabetes. I am grateful for Courtnie’s commitment to raising awareness of this disease, as well as many of the other diseases affecting children today. – AG, Westport

We are extremely lucky to have visionaries like the Zuckerbergs, whose efforts are educating the public on this serious disease. Courtnie’s creativity, passion and dedication have brought awareness of Type 1 diabetes to many in a relatively short amount of time. When she decided to launch Cuf Cakes, we were more than enthusiastic to help her develop the brand, website and other collateral. It has been very rewarding to help put Type 1 diabetes, and children’s charities in general, in the spotlight. – JB Design, Norwalk

My favorite thing about Cufcakes is that 100% of the profits go to finding a cure for debilitating childhood diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, Autism, Epilepsy and Tourettes. Not only are Cufcakes fun to wear, to me they represent hope and inspiration. I am hopeful that as more research is done we will find cures that will benefit millions of children around the world. They’ve been brave and strong for too long. The only thing standing between the children and a cure is money for funding research.  This is what’s desperately needed and this is what Cufcakes hopes to provide. We should all be inspired by and proud to wear Cufcakes. – SK, Westport
Each holiday season I try to give gifts to my family, friends and clients that are not only enjoyable and visually pleasing, but have a special message and/or purpose. After I had seen and learned more about CufCakes, I knew that they were the IDEAL choice for me to give as holiday gifts. CufCakes are fun, functional and wearable for those ages 1-100; every design pattern is special and each set is visibly made with creativity, precision and most importantly Love. Courtnie will eagerly brainstorm on new colors and patterns and tailors each set to the individual’s needs and wishes. From the beautiful outer packaging, to the inspirational messages, charms and story of CufCakes inside each box; to give and receive these treasures truly warm everyone’s heart. The message and driving force behind CufCakes is the ‘icing’ on these treats; the work that the entire Zuckerberg family is doing to raise awareness and support research for type 1 diabetes is priceless, inspiring and profound. Each time I gave a box of CufCakes for a holiday gift, I witnessed the same response; a huge smile when they saw the box and adorable cufs followed by heartfelt tears when they opened the inviting packaging and read the story behind these special accessories. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have the opportunity to treat my clients, friends and loved ones to these gifts and I feel hopeful that each set of CufCakes given or received will cause a ‘ripple effect’ of sorts and raise consciousness about type 1 diabetes and childhood disease. As a parent and business owner, I am inspired by Courtnie’s dedication, creativity and unyielding commitment to address and combat juvenile diabetes. It was such a wonderful and heartwarming feeling giving CufCakes as holiday gifts this past season and it is a tradition that I sincerely plan to enjoy each year! – MP, Parker Pilates & Wellness, Westport