Belt and
Cuff Sets

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Cuf Cakes are a fun way to spice up your favorite Capri pants or ankle length jeans. Our pant cuffs clip-on and adjust to fit any size pant leg - transforming your wardrobe with endless designs to fit every style and occasion. Just like a cup cake, they are so good you will want more than one. Careful...Cuf Cakes are hot, be prepared for compliments.

Bake Your Own

This kit provides the instructions and materials to make Cuf Cakes with your own fabric. We understand that you may have a sentimental piece of fabric, like grandma's old silk scarf, or a skirt that you just can't live without.



I wish pillow inspiring everyday hopes and dreams. What color over the rainbow inspires your dreams? The I Wish pillow is a place for you or a friend to tuck a little wish, hope or dream into the lavender sachet pocket. "If you can imagine it; you can achieve it; If you can dream it; you can become it.

Key Rings

Join the "BAND" of women inspired to find cures for children everyday with wristBAND key-rings and headBANDs. Together "Driving" awareness for our children is the "Key" to a cure.